Improve your English language skills

Who are we?

Engish language teachers help my englishHelpmyEnglish is run by Belinda and Tandy. We are a small independent company who offer a personalised service. Belinda and Tandy plan and deliver all lessons. Our aim is to help you improve your English language skills as quickly and easily as possible! We are experienced CELTA qualified teachers who have a love of the English language, lots of patience and a good sense of humour which means lessons are interesting, fun, and you will make progress quickly.

We undertake all teaching which results in a personal, individual, high quality experience for each of our students. Our aim is to provide a first class experience to enable  students to quickly and effectively improve their English in a relaxed but stimulating environment. As experienced teachers we know how to assess a student’s needs and plan English language lessons that are appropriate for each student.

What do we do?

   #  HelpmyEnglish offer private English language lessons for people (or small groups of people), living in the Brighton and Hove area. Our lessons are planned for each individual student’s level of English. HelpmyEnglish teach one to one lessons and small groups from beginner to advanced level. Lessons are usually a mix of English speaking, pronunciation, listening and English grammar; they will provide lots of opportunity for each student to practice their English language skills.

    #  HelpmyEnglish also offer an intensive one to one teaching and homestay experience for people not living in England but who want to improve their English language skills quickly and effectively. Students live with their teacher and  are completely immersed in the English language for the length of their stay. Students have three hours of individually planned lessons each day as well as lots of informal opportunities to practice their English language skills. Our tutors live in Brighton and Hove area.

Where are our lessons?

     #   HelpmyEnglish are based in  Brighton and Hove.

     #   HelpmyEnglish lessons can take place at your home, place of work, your tutor’s house or even a coffee shop.

     #   HelpmyEnglish can be flexible about time and place.

Why should you use us to improve your English language skills?

  • We are native English speakers.
  • We are qualified, experienced English language teachers.
  • We offer general and specialist English courses including Business English, English for Nurses and Healthcare assistants, English for Hospitality workers.
  • We can be flexible about time and place of lessons – we can travel to you.
  • You will always have the same teacher for your lessons. Your teacher will get to know you and how you learn which will give you a first class experience and make sure that your English language skills improve.
  • Each class is planned for the individual student so that each student makes rapid progress at their level.
  • Our lessons are very cost effective. You will be fully immersed in learning for the whole of your lesson with your teacher being able to quickly respond to any problems you have and avoid you making mistakes that could become habits.
  • For the whole of the lesson you will be practising your English speaking and listening skills rather than waiting for your turn in a larger group. There will be no wasted time and so no wasted money!

 One to one English language lessons are £35 for 70 minutes (discounts for booking a course of lessons).

The cost of small group classes is dependent on the size of the group. 

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English for living

HelpmyEnglish have designed a new course for people who have recently relocated to England and need to develop their English speaking skills to help with everyday living. Contact us for an informal chat.


" teacher’s lessons are very well prepared and the course materials are interesting and varied........" Xavier (France)

"....thank you very much for your patience and dedication........ for your kind, funny and interesting lessons........." Hana (Polish) Nurse

" individual lessons were perfect. I could choose the amount of conversation and grammar ........" Andi(Switzerland)