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Spelling rules for adding -ed and -ing to verbs.

What is the spelling rule for doubling the consonant in a verb? In this article we are going to ignore all those irregular past tense verbs which you just have to learn! For most verbs the simple spelling rules are: past tense is created by

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The meaning of listen, hear, see, look and watch

Making sense of our senses See, look, watch, listen and hear have differences in meaning and it is important to use the correct one. They cannot be used interchangeably but their use is often muddled up by students of the English

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The use of the definite and indefinite article

Did you know that the 25 most commonly used words in the English language make up about 33% of all English words and guess which word is top of the list? It’s no surprise that we find ‘the’ at the top with ‘a’ being

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Adjective word order – a new black car or a black new car?

When you are speaking or writing English and need to use more than one adjective, what is the correct adjective word order?  Does it matter? Just to clarify – an adjective is a word that describe somebody or something and usually appears

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