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Listed below are some useful English language links and suggestions to help you improve your English language skills.  HelpmyEnglish have compiled this list to help you practise your English language speaking and listening skills as well as grammar and reading and writing.  They have been listed to complement your private English language lessons, and are not in place of English language lessons.

The BBC Learning English course is useful but make sure you access the right level of English for you.  This can be done by clicking on the courses option on the menu.

Ted Talks are short talks, less than 18 minutes long, and cover an amazing range of subjects. There are options to look at a transcript of the talk or choose subtitles.  Our suggestion would be to listen to it first without using either and then on the second listening choose subtitles.  These talks are good for the upper intermediate or advanced student.

Learn English, the British Council website for English language students, has lots of activities for you to improve your English. You can now get it as an app on your mobile phone so can practise your English whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Another useful English language link is to listen to Podcasts. They are always a good way of practising your English language listening skills.  The Podcasts in English website is subscription based. It provides an English language level for each podcast which is a useful guide.

Whilst it is noisy website with  lots of the games directed at younger learners, there are a few good games to reinforce learning. When you only have a few minutes take a look at ESL grammar games.

HelpmyEnglish welcome any suggestions about useful websites to add to this page.  Please contact us with ideas or if you would like to chat about a course of English language lessons


English language linksNovels are a good idea and for students who are just beginning to develop confidence we would suggest starting with Quick Reads. These are inexpensive novels written by leading authors that are designed to be easier to read. HelpmyEnglish have a small library of these books for our students to borrow.



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