English language for Nursing and Social Care

As well  as General English courses   we  also offer a range of more specialist courses.  These include English language for Nursing and Social Care, Business English and English for hospitality workers.

Many of our hospitals, nursing homes and Social Care agencies are now employing staff for whom English in not their first language. In order to further a career in Nursing and Social Care, employees need a good level of English language and a knowledge of the vocabulary relevant to the workplace.

Why are good English language skills necessary?

  # Nurses and Social Care professionals need good communication skills to developEnglish language for Health and Social Care positive relationships with patients, service users, residents and their families.  They also need to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and other professionals. However professionally qualified  a Nurse or Social Carer may be, a good knowledge of the English language is essential to being an effective communicator in the workplace.

  #  Misunderstandings can happen because of  limited knowledge of the English language.  This can be distressing to patients and residents.  It is also wasteful of valuable time and resources.

Our specialist course in English language for Nursing and English language for Health and Social CareSocial Care focuses on the language used in the workplace. The course introduces students to new vocabulary specific to the environment in which they work.  It also covers colloquial and idiomatic language that elderly people and service users may use.  The main aim of the course is to help students develop the confidence needed to communicate effectively in the work place.  The course includes exercises and role play of typical scenarios that the students will experience in the workplace. It is  ideal for small group of students.

If you have a small group of employees for whom English is not their first language please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are happy  to deliver a course specific to a particular workplace.






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English for living

HelpmyEnglish have designed a new course for people who have recently relocated to England and need to develop their English speaking skills to help with everyday living. Contact us for an informal chat.


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