Proofreading, editing and CV writing services

Proofreading-editing-and-CV-writing-services-HelpmyEnglish offer a range of services to complement their English language teaching.  We know that even the most fluent of English speakers can struggle to clearly express themselves when writing. All proofreading, editing and CV writing services are undertaken by native English speakers and will be completed in consultation with you to ensure that the meaning of your text is not lost. We will use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation – all of which make a good first impression. Expressing yourself in written English can be a real problem if you are not a native English speaker. We can ensure that your English is both easy to read and understand.

#   If you do not express yourself well when writing your CV and covering letter (the letter that accompanies your CV and highlights the skills that you have), it may be the difference between getting an interview for a job or not. We will ensure that you use the correct terminology for the role that you are applying for and that future employers have a clear and concise summary of your skills and experiences.

  #  If you want to publish an article in an English speaking magazine, the expectation is that the written English is articulate and fit for purpose. If you are not a native English speaker, and your specialism is not English, then you may find it difficult to achieve this without help. HelpmyEnglish have experience of working with academics to proofread their papers before publication.

 #  You may have researched your coursework well but failing to express yourself fluently in your dissertation or essays which could result in a lower mark for your coursework.  It can make all the difference to your final mark. HelpmyEnglish help students proofread their completed work. They support students who want to express their own ideas, arguments and original research. They will NOT write essays or academic papers on behalf of students.

  #  Advertising materials such as flyers and posters are far more effective if the English sounds natural.  HelpmyEnglish can help you achieve this.  Let us read your materials before publication to make sure that they give the correct message and that prospective customers really understand the advantages of your product.

  #  HelpmyEnglish can proofread restaurant menus to ensure correct terminology and spelling.  Do not let your delicious food get lost in translation!

We charge £30 per hour for these services


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